How Does It Feel

Lomba Esai_Widya Gatra_Magelang_Konflik SDA

Nature. It’s only a letter with six words. But our life , can’t be separated from nature. Air, water, and earth. These three elements are always attached with us, when one of these elements do not exist, what happens with our lifes ??? we died. We breath with air, we clean our self and drink with water, we step on this earth. Well, this nature give everything for us. They give us better life, like fresh water, fresh air from the trees, and there’s many useful construction in this earth. In our expec tations, of course we were thinking that everyone in this world keep this beloved nature. But the reality are, people torture this nature. They cut down the trees without replanting , they exploit this nature by dredging this earth, they build many 5 stars hotel, many shopping center, many discotheque. This world in crisis!!!
Well, lets not thinking about other countries problem. Lets see our own problem. Right now, in some areas in Jogjakarta, were start to run out of water. And it caused from volcanic materials illegal mining. They dredged without thinking the impact in the future. Besides, many people cutted down the trees in the forest without re planting. Cutting down the trees in the forest can cause many disasters for human beings. Well, all of that activity are related. Many people dredge the earth for the volcanic materials, then there’ll be no water anymore. Besides, many people cutting down the trees, that mean, we hurt the earth, when there’s no trees, there’ll be no fresh air anymore, then we can’t live anymore, or , there’ll be no trees, then there’s no absorption areas, then we can not enjoy the fresh water anymore, and slowly we will died.
Me and my family, live in some village in Sleman, near the Boyong River. Boyong river is one of some rivers that was irrigated by the cold lava. So there was huge of material volcanic. But then, one day, so many truck , and backhoe. And what happen ?? they worked 24 hours. So many truck back and forth. Children can not use the quality time to play with their friends. The dust from trucks damaging their breathing. Many adults can’t sleep, it’s annoying.
Then one day, my grand mother went to the police station, and did some demonstration. She won’t leave the police station if they won’t overcome. But then they won’t do it. after that day, many news paper come and search my grand mother. After that my dad , I, and the youth at my grand mother village made a traditional performance, or we called MERTI KALI. We burnt the OGOH OGOH or statue that symbolized the bad spirit. We called it BEGO SISKOLO. Bego means stupid and symbolized the tools called Backhoe. Siskolo means the headman of Purwobinangun village that give the land so he can get the money and the other can take the land. It was a great moment for us. After that the backhoe users are gone, but suddenly they come again, and torture this nature. In the year 2015, many village at Sleman was run out of water. They have to go miles away to get the water. Than my father , mr. Pambudi Sulistyo, motivate people to unite and drive away the bad guy. They use rain water and ionized it, so they can drink it. ionize water from rain contain PH more than 10 rate. And then motivate them to make MERTI KALI like before. Until now, people still fight for their job, for the material volcanic. Because many selfish people did the illegal mining. And didn’t think about our child and grand child. But until now, the government not yet respond us. That’s why our anger come out. The people participation are very great, from different religion, different ras, and the other. One sentence, how does it feel to be downtrodden, how does it feel to sick thinking about the environment. The government need to think about it. how does it feel.
That’s all I can tell you about. Thank you. And I hope I can win this competition so, I can tell the world about our fight, I can tell the world how it feels!